What Everyone Knows But No-one Says

Why do some men hate women? Why the violence?

Among all social groups, inequities--perceived or real--that are not being addressed, let alone redressed, will generate seething resentments, leading to anger, culminating in violence. Consider this:

Women have it. Men want it. Social rules restrict men's alternatives to women. Masturbating isn't manly. You can be laughted at. Sex with other men is just--queer--and you can be killed for that.

Women set the terms of sexual exchange when they're ready to trade, and (if you believe in hidden matriarchy) even before that.

He pays. And pays. Until he has nothing left to trade, like a casino gambler losing his last quarter in the machine. Still, he wants it. Still, she sets the terms of exchange, if any.

They're not lying when they keep reminding us that 'ignorance is bliss.' The corollary 'knowledge is power' invites us to understand that we can choose bliss or power but not both. Stated more completely, the idea is that knowledge is--first--a realization of one's own relationship to 'the powers that be' (in this case the hidden matriarchy) and--second--, out of frustration, an inducement to acts of countervailing power, rebellion or guerilla warfare, to the extent that's possible.

Prostitution is the most conscious acting out of the inequality constructed by societies: that even though he trades everything he has for use of a woman's mouth or vagina. a man can never get it all--or even most of it. At the end of the exchange, the women still has all of it--ready for another exchange--and always will have it and be ready.

This is why prostitution must be prohibited or at least kept under wraps. It speaks too loudly of the underlying reality that has probably been heard all too clearly by men who murder prostitutes.

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