What babies know and you've forgotten is that you begin life as the center of your world's attention, with more loving looks and more loving touches of your body than you are ever going to experience again in your entire life.

All the rest of life is a disappointment, a starvation, a search for whatever will allow you to experience those looks again.

And those touches again.

You can never again be that close to the center of your own world--even if you become a star.

But most people don't even come close to achieving what they had in that distant past because most people don't consciously know what they are missing and so what they are trying to recreate.

When people speak of 'unconditional love' that's as close as they can come to it.

But how can they see again the eyes and smiles of mother love?

And that endless touching.

Stroking, tickling, rocking--and all the rest.

Where can you get that?

After all, your 'partner' wants that too.

How can you arrange a 'fair distribution' of some pale imitations of being the center of the universe?

And if one person unconsciously demands it while the other person is unaware of the real issues (either for themself or for their partner) what conflict results.

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