What everyone knows but no-one says

What would the world of power relationships be like if all men were free to be sexually satisfied by someone who enjoys giving oral sex with no strings attached?

To a real cocksucker, giving is receiving and receiving is giving.

For the true cocksucker--female or male--sucking is its own reward because, simply stated, it is based on pleasuring one's own mouth. Nothing more complicated nor compromising than that. Which puts it at the level of masturbation.

By chance or by design a penis is often the ideal means for pleasuring one's mouth, from the outers lips to the deepest parts of the throat.

So, for a cocksucker, to offer to pleasure someone else by mouth is a gift given to oneself and to them. In such cases, the sexual exchange is simply pleasure for pleasure. Of course it is possible for every person to offer that gift to someone else, even when they do not pleasure themselves at the same time.

Yet, for various reasons (including the "rules") relatively few adults give and few receive this way. Yet we are told "it is better to give than to receive." But give what? Traditionally, according to the "rules,"the giving can include giving anything BUT sex. Cui bono? Who benefits from that?

Temporarily setting aside the "rules," who is in the best position to give pleasure freely to anyone else? Offering intercourse, a woman has always risked pregnancy. Offering a blow jop, a woman appears to risk much less but--realistically--she risks the man still fucking her.

A man offering a blowjob risks the least while offering the most.

But, like the self-sufficient masturbator, any person who sucks for mouth-pleasure alone radically undermines the system of sexual exchange that has been designed to substitute something for pleasure, something such as money and other forms of economic support and social power.

To maintain its monopoly of sexual pleasure, society as created by the hidden matriarchy outlaws this most obvious act of sexual charity: giving it away for pleasure.

For example, a real cocksucker--whether female or male--seeks endless variety in pleasuring her or his mouth. And so, wanting to suck, he or she is pretty much tempted to try anyone, any time. You never know who has one that will, by chance, feel best. Since sucking is its own reward, no other compensation is needed, asked for or--usually--accepted.

But this 'bread cast upon the waters' undercuts the sexual monopoly by radically increasing supply and so simultaneously increasing and decreasing demand. Increasing demand for free sex and decreasing demand for controlled and compensated sex.

For those who love to pleasure themselves through their mouth, sucking is not about the other person's cock. It's about your mouth. And yet... it's the gift that keeps on giving.

If being licked and sucked feels good to the cock, fine. But to a person who loves to pleasure her or his mouth as much as possible the other person's pleasure is not the point. The other person's pleasure is a wonderful side effect to one's own pleasure.

Everyone knows that a man can fuck a woman to fulfill his own pleasure without giving her pleasure. The typical problem is quitting too soon.

Sucking is radically different. The true sucker never wants to quit. That may sooner or later bother the cock being sucked--but it won't be bothered because it hasn't been pleasured. In fact, ideally, the person who loves to pleasure her or his mouth would be willing to try anyone's once--without being distracted by details of race, creed, color or national origin. Cocksucking is more multi-cultural than most things. Which is why some hate it.

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