Religious fundamentalists everywhere have one thing in common.

Contrary to what the appearance they try to create, they are spiritually weak and fearful.

Instead of gaining strength by avoiding or confronting temptations, they prefer to eliminate temptations entirely where-ever possible.

That approach distorts the traditional religious mission.

Instead of growing strong spiritually and morally by resisting greater temptations, they instead seek to eliminate the temptations.

That dooms them to an endless cycle of moral and spiritual weakness.

Wanting to earn an easy A they secretly create a kind of spiritual grade inflation.

They fear their desires.

They fear themselves.

They fear the world.

They fear life and living.

But above all, they fear the real moral struggles within.

So, they fear temptation and fear resisting it.

They twist the prayer that they not be lead into temptation into a heresy: the heresy that temptation must be eliminated.


They would rather cling to the rationalizationalizing of spiritually weak authority figures who preach the elimination of temptation.

Their overweening righteousness is nothing more than a mask for their fundamental fears.

Contrary to what they preach, deep down in they don't really believe themselves capable of overcoming temptations.

They fear the prospect of a long-term struggle against their desires and the effort that it requires.

So, instead, everywhere you find them in the world they will be increasingly attempting to eliminate temptations from the world around them.

Out of their fundamental weakness, the essence of their actions is to eliminate --not overcome--temptation from their lives.

To accomplish that, their goal will always be to eliminate all sources of possible temptation from the world, instead of resisting it.

To make the world a safe place for their weaknesses.

Instead of becoming morally and spiritually stronger from resisting temptation, they claim the same thing happens by eliminating the testing.

As much as possible they want to leave their presumed virtues untested.

So, to fundamentalists, temptations are not to be confronted, resisted and overcome.

Temptations are to be eliminated so that confrontation, resistance and true moral growth can be avoided.

Leaving only the empty mask of righteousness.

Fundamentalists try to eliminate the possibility of failing the test, or, more fundamentally, of even being tested.

To make themselves more comfortable, wearing the mask of righteousness, they eliminate moral testing itself .

Their greatest pretense is that eliminating temptation is morally superior to successfully resisting temptation.

In essence, religious fundamentalists are traditional colonialists.

They want to colonialize anyone who is not them, to eliminate the possibility of temptation.

They want to shape the entire world to their fears.

They are willing to do anything to anyone else to accomplish this goal.

And, of course, they will always consider doing that to be the height of righteousness.

Bless their little hearts.

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