Language is one of the things of this world created by men to get sex. Since women use sex to get the things of this world, what can they be getting because of the existence of words?

Promises, for one thing. Contracts. Deals about the future.

Trading the tangible (sex) for other tangibles male-created things of this world. Then gradually that involves into the sophistication of trading for intangibles. As Popeye's friend Wimply would say: "I will gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today."

But before going into that, let's explore gestures of exchange.

In that time before language, what was the most likely stimulus for creating verbal language?

Assume that the sexual drive is the strongest--or at least extremely strong.

Imagine a time when, since there was no period of heat, women just gave sex to men upon demand, like bonobo chimps. Since it took a few minutes, there was no reason to hold it back.

Assume that if that's true now, it was at least as true in that time before language, perhaps more so, because not inhibited by the rules of 'civilization,' the hidden matriarchy.

Assume that coercion was a regular if not constant feature of sex. ('I want it now')

Assume it really is true that men have a sexual/arousal thought every few minutes.

Assume it really is true that men are more visual (gestural?) and women are more verbal.

Assume that there was a gestural language before the verbal language.

Assume that the first gesture was natural/biological: the erection, signalling intercourse with--either a specific female or whatever females were around. But what about those cases when the erection does not precede? How to replace and imitate the absent erection gesture?

Imagine that, as now, the key gap that language was created to fill also involved desire for sex, but desire lacking the gesturing erection. How to communicate desire for intercourse if the signalling erection is not yet present?

Imagine the standard 'come here' gestures are sexual in origin, in fact imitations of the rising erection. The rising rising finger gesture (either the beckoning 'come here' index finger, or the rising middle finger. Or, for use over greater distances, or to emphasize the point, the 'come here' crooked arm?

What if the first verbal language was based on gestures which consisted of the equivalent of 'yes' and 'no'--as in 'yes you will' and 'no I won't' and 'yes I will'

From that gradually evolved shadings on 'yes' and 'no'--along the lines of 'if you will...'no, not now' and 'OK, but...'

The second gesture would have been signalling an offer of some tangible item in exchange for sex, which developed into the same gestures in exchange for other tangible items.

Beyond that, imagine expanding the new language not with nouns or abjectives but with a wide range of verbs. Nouns for naming only need to be used when the objects being named are absent. Otherwise, the pointing gesture gets the job done.

Present objects did not need to be named because they can be pointed to, and then elaborated with a limited vocabulary of gestures.Verbal language evolves to supplement these gestures with words that signify actions: verbs. Words of doing, not being.

In the exchange of sex for some thing, comes gestural exchange, followed in time by verbal exchange.

In the exchange of sex for the things of this world, the first level of exchange would involve words representing objects. Signifying, 'I'll give you a___for sex.' Later, would evolve, along with verbs, into a level of exchange where the tangible (sex) would be traded for the intangible, a promise of action in the future, perhaps after the sex act, perhaps before, as a pre-condition for sex.

In the end, since females appear to be more word-sensitive than males (at least now), an ever-evolving complement of verbs get used to communicate--first--what the males wants from the female and--second--what the female wants from the male.

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