NOTE: What follows is not meant to cover all issues relate to this subject.

But consider this, in the interst of being fair and just: If it's illegal (and enforced) for a person (man) to ask for sex in exchange for employment or advancement, shouldn't it be illegal (and enforced) for a person (woman) to offer sex in exchange for employment or advancement.

If a woman can charge a man in the workplace with asking for sex, why shouldn't a man be able to charge a woman in the workplace with offering sex?

Obviously this is not likely to be an popular idea. Many men being offered sex might complain that they are losing an advantage.

And many women offering sex might complain that they are losing an advantage.

Both would be correct in their own ways. Historically, offering sex in exchange for other things, such as employment or advancement, appears to be a traditional route to a certain kind of success for more women who would not admit to it.

For obvious reasons, including marriage, neither would the man.

Everywhere you look, requests for something, anything, are not likely to happen in any environment where it's obvious that the chances of having the request fulfilled are small or non-existent.

In fact, asking for sex in exchange for something of value is more likely to happen in an environment where offers of sex in exchange for something of value are not at all unusual--except in the case at hand.

In either case, the woman's benefits from all of this is likely to be very long-term, while the man's is dwarfed by comparison.

This has an important connection to the expanded definition of rape which now requires no signs of force or coercion.

In the fact of current harrassment and rape laws, can anyone still believe there an all powerful patriarchy exists and the hidden matriarchy does not exist?

Both sets of laws not only allow but encourage false reports or--worse--threats of false reports.

Such threats become extortion when the accuser offers, in exhange for something of value, not to submit her false report to authorities.

Such threats are impossible to track, because they are not reported. How can a man complain to authorities about a threatened false charge of rape without running the risk that the false charge will be made to authorities. The impossibility of extracting oneself from the trap is what makes extortion what it is.

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