Tales of the hidden matriarchy in the Western world
Who is the occupier and who the occupied? A secret that may not be spoken?

Consider the possibility that the feminists' claim that patriarchy rules is, at best, a delusion and at worst a cover story that conceals and distracts from the power of hidden matriarchy. Hidden matriarchal rule is women's age-old power expressed through traditions, norms, commandments and laws while masquerading as weakness and ultimately victimhood to protect and extend its control. Like the Colt revolver of the Old West, is all the new technology the new equalizer, freeing most people from heavy and risky labor.

Carefully refined deceptions can equal or surpass physical strengths. Soft deceptions have always been women's preferred weapon. It can come in the form of delicate hands cutting a sleeping man's throat after disarming him with sex, like Judith. Or, at the other end of the scale it can take the form of endless talk --political or otherwise--talk that delays, redefines or, best, totally eliminates action.

But societies speak to their members in many ways, including through the hidden language of clues. Words and images that barely hint at their message. How powerful the image of the mask using appearance hides reality. Women simultaneously extend, co-opt and suppress the true nature of this message by masking themselves with endless varieties of costuming, makeup and makeovers. The admitted purpose of masking is to delay and trap through deceptions.

But key questions are: how far do the deceptions reach? How much is actually being covered? And how many unknowing women are being sacrificed to keep this secret?

Who controls whom? Consider the idea that patriarchy is merely the mask of matriarchy. There is no Wizard of Oz, just someone maintaining the illusion, perhaps a witch.

How powerful is the image of the puppet hanging limp and without purpose or direction on its strings, until given life, motive and movement by delicate unseen hands and a falsetto voice.

Words in a falsetto voice have always been the primary tools of women. Often the fewest of words: 'No'. Softer: 'I don't' feel like it.' Or,more evasively, 'not tonight--I have a headache.'

A key proof? The world as it is in the U.S. today. If men as a group are the most monstrous exploiters of women as feminists say, then the fact that all men are not rapists or beaters is a tribute to the real power than inhibits them from acting on the untamed urges that they are accused of possessing and acting upon. Words include the law, but the law is part of the hidden matriarchy, parading as a tool of men when it is clearly--as seen by its acts--the tool of women.

Could that also apply to the famous male law-givers of myth, legend and history? Is that the coded lesson extending from the play LYSISTRATA to the expression: "Behind every powerful man is a woman."

Cue bono? In law that means "to whose good?" or "for whose benefit? Although most law enforcers have been men, in whose behalf have they been acting? Their own, as a category? Look at the laws and the history of laws. Laws as a group do not benefit men as a group.

The laws that give a woman to one man prevent her from being given over to many men, at once or serially. Consider: to whose benefit is a rule like that. Men as a group--or women as a group?

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