Some people really love to pleasure their mouth--and some don't. Some won't even consider pleasuring themselves that way.

Some who love to pleasure their mouth are females. Some who don't are females. Some who love to pleasure their mouth are males. Some who don't are males.

Some prefer only shallow mouth pleasuring--stimulating their lips and tongue. Others prefer both shallow and deep mouth pleasuring, also stimulating the back of their mouth. Still others prefer the deepest pleasuring, stimulating their throat also, as far down as possible.

Those are the facts of life, but not the norms of societies.

Since before the beginning of time, people realized that females have what pleasures the mouth's lips and tongue, shallow stimulation.

People also realized that, for those who desire deeper stimulation--and the deepest-- males have what pleasures the mouth deeper then literally anything else in the universe.

Hard or soft, the cock seems to have been designed to pleasure the mouth more than anything else in the universe can.

Which is why, if you don't approve of real pleasure, that particular combination is so often forbidden. It's also why forbidding men from doing it is a goal of hidden matriarcy and why limiting it to something women do puts more power into the hands of the hidden matriarcy.

But that doesn't change the physical fact that some men and women do it enthusiastically, some of both groups do it under protest or in exchange for something else, and some few won't do it for any reason.

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