How to successfully forbid acts, suppress behavior? How to successfully prevent thoughts from occuring, prevent one thing from leading to another, as the mind naturally wants to?

If you want to suppress contact with the powerfully wet core of the onion, you must first suppress contact with its dry outer skin.

Remember those sins of 'thought, word and deed'? Thinking, hearing/saying, doing. To that list we must expressly add mass media (virtual pictorial experience) into the second item on the list.

By doing that we create a sequence of repression and suppression that begins as far out at the periphery, as far away from the forbidden act as is possible. That way there are many walls of obstruction to overcome before you get at all close to doing the act that is forbidden.

Bias people's thinking by using language that slants their thinking BEFORE they have a chance to EXPERIENCE whatever behavior is being suppressed. In the absence of virtual or real experience, the slanted language will be the only reality.

To suppress behavior, start by supressing words for that behavior.

Certain countries prohibit showing anyone the soles of your feet. That's a good example of the technique of suppressing a targeted behavior by suppressing the behaviors related to it. For example, the rule is: can't show the soles of your feet.

What physical position(s) would you have to be in for the soles of your feet to be seen by someone else? Or what position would you be in to be seeing the soles of someone else's feet.

Consider this strong example of a tabooed thought being started way out on the periphery, but it demonstrates that process:

Consider the traditional claim that Jesus Christ was God and fully human at the same time. That claim can open a dangerous door unless you cut off the following chain of thoughts as soon as possible:

He was fully human. If so, he did all that humans do, in fact had to. If so, he had to urinate and defecate. If so, he had erections. If so, he ejaculated and had orgasms. If so, he could have sexual intercourse. If so, he could have children. If so, he could have descendents. If so, someone living today could be a blood descendent of Jesus Christ. That leads to claims such as those in HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL and BLOODLINE OF THE HOLY GRAIL: THE HIDDEN LINEAGE OF JESUS REVEALED.

There are those who don't want want that last idea thought at all and so start the supression way back along that train of thoughts, to knock the whole thing off the tracks before it even starts. One reason is that he can belong to all of us only by belonging to no one of us. Another reasons is that the authority of a direct blood descendent would take precedence of unrelated authorities because the question of some touch of divinity would be raised.

Believer or not, it's an example of the desire to suppress(and repress) thoughts and having to start at the far periphery, as far away from the forbidden core as possible, to put as many layers of resistance and repression in front of the mind as possible.


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