Freud asked, famously, "what do women want?"
He didn't have to ask what men want. Their prime motivation is pussy. Actually it could be other orifices, but pussy is what society (or at least the hidden matriarchy behind it ) encourages and allows.

Men create and use the things of this world to get pussy.

Women use pussy to get the things of this world.

Hence, if matriarchy created patriarchy as a cover for matriarchy's power, the history of the world in all times and places is based on access to pussy. Pussy power is no joke. It creates civilization--and its discontents. The basic formulation is:

Only females have a pussy. So they control supply.

The value of pussy is self-evident, but to be sure of controlling supply and demand, the value of pussy is enhanced by various means.

Men want pussy and are encouraged to want it, while use of other orifices are discouraged or, in the case of male orifices, forbidden.

But forbidden by whom? As the lawyers say, 'cui bono'-- to whose good?' Who benefits from this system. Since its men who are most restricted in their choices of sexual orifices, it can't be men who benefit most.

Women benefit by (a) having a pussy, by (b) encouraging men to seek it , by (c) trading it for the things of this world, and by (d) enhancing its value in trade by having access to other outlets--which are, literally, inlets--excluded as choices.

Therefore women --through the various forms of the hidden matriarchy--actually have tried to achieve monopoly control over men's sexuality. They have done this by enhancing the 'natural' value of pussy and then controlling the demand for pussy. This is done through traditions, norms, commandments and laws which--when you keep pursuing answers to 'who benefits'--are revealed to be the acts of matriarchy masquerading as patriarchy.

 In that way, men create the things of this world (hence myths of creation and of acquisition, such as stealing from the gods) and women end up with the things of this world after minimal risk.

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