For many years a cartoon has been circulating. In three of its four panels it depicts a little boy showing off his little dick to a little girl. The last panel has her pull her dress up and say: "With one of these I can get as many of those as I want."

That is a fact of nature, of life and of societies.

Most transexuals say they are a woman inside a man's body, trying to get out. They have always felt that way. Such men feel that they have what it takes to get as many of those as they want to. But, because of that biological "deficiency'-- reinforced by the rules of society--he cannot get as many of those as he wants.In fact, the rules say he should get... none. Every last cock --in all times and in all places--is reserved, by the hidden matriarchy, for women. Who then claim they couldn't care less about it.

To do what a woman can do he must become a woman. He can merely pretend for a while, take on costumes for disguises. But, to fully function as he wishes-- to get some--within the rules of the hidden matriarchy (which has always done everything possible to control sexual supply and demand) he must pay the ultimate price.

To become equal with women, to get other cocks, he must give up his own.

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