The problem isn't sex on the web. It's sexual attitudes on the web. Every day more women-hating Websites appear. Sex and hate are powerful ingredients of violence, all emanating from the limbic or reptilean brain stem.

The most extreme sites are easily recognized by scenes of objectified women being attacked or tortured. Others contain photos of women engaged in standard sexual activities, but whose sad, pained, fearful, dead or drugged eyes belie their actions and make it clear that they are not enthusiastically (or even willingly) taking part.

Other sites do not contain such extreme images but neverthesless characterize the women, individually and as a group, with words such as: 'sluts,''whores,''cunts,' 'trash,' 'bitches,' and worse.

Some sites are obviously aimed at very young men because they often add the words 'old,' 'gramma,' or 'ancient'--and much worse--to some combination of the words above as soon as the woman appears to be past age 35 or so. In other words, at or somewhat past the ages of the Web-users own mothers.

Such sites are the moral equivalent of other Web hate sites, such as those that denigrate and even encourage attacks on Jews, Blacks, gays, 'foreigners'or whatever other groups are becoming targets for young (and not so young) WASP male frustrations and obsesssions.

The difference is that in the women-hating sites it's all so taken for granted, as if those attitudes are the norm, not only for men but for women.

In those photographs, what is the truth--known, but not spoken?

In some scenes of bondage or S&M, because the woman's face and eyes cannot be clearly seen, it is impossible to conclusively decide whether the photographed woman is posing/acting or having her picture taken somewhere in fatal the clutches of a madman.

This is especially true of, but not limited to, pictures of oriental women.

Then of course there are the depictions of women being tortured, being killed, crime scene victims, morgue re-enactments, asphyxiations, druggings, rape--all for and by women-haters. And what about the women who act out these scenes of necroporn


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