We say "there's always a catch." And women talk about catching a man. But there's not just one 'catching' but several layers of catching.

All that follows is based on the societal assumption that men want more pussy more than women want more cock. That may also be biologically based, but that doesn't matter for now.

Consider this: marriage is based on this exchange, which is never stated unambiguously because to do so would be to show who really cheats the most. The woman gets the man's continuing exclusivity while the man supposedly gets continuing access.

In other words, he continuously stays with her and has sex with her alone and, in exchange, she is continuously available to him, sexually. And, we would hope, enthusiastically, on both sides.

But consider this: what often happens is that access is gradually withdrawn, either physically, psychologically or emotionally. Any one or any combination is withdrawn. This is the first form of cheating on the dealt. It abrogates the agreement, leading to the other more commonly recognized forms of cheating.

Ideally, marriages would be based on equal measures in this exchange. He would give up other women's pussies in exchange for access to this one pussy. Continuing exclusivity for continuing access. But it rarely works out that way. The trap is set. And he's to be get caught.

It's obvious that this deal ,this contract is in force and enforceable as long as he continuously gives up other women's pussies and continuously gets access to this one pussy.

If he gets access to other pussies, he runs the risk of losing access to this one.

If his access to this pussy is restricted or eliminated , he gains the right of limited or unlimited access to other pussies.

Many marriages are ruined because access to that one pussy is taken for granted by him and not by her. She wants his exclusivity but doesn't know, forgets, or ignores her half of the deal--access in equal measure to the exclusivity that she expects. She starts saying 'no' but expects him to do nothing in exchange.

The trap is sprung. He is left with the following choices:

--give up

--do it over her protest (now considered by law--the hidden matriarchy--to be rape, punishable)

--go elsewhere (considered by law--again the hidden matriarchy--to be adultery, punishable)

Remember the rule: if you really want to punish him, DON'T divorce. But if you do, take as much of "the things of this world" that he has accumulated as you can, or at least as much as the law--again the hidden matriarchy--allows.

All the preceding is based on the societal assumption (true or false?) that men want more pussy much more than women want more cock.

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